What strength means




1.the quality of being physically strong

2.the quality of being brave and determined in a difficult situation


Everybody has their own meaning of strength. Some depict it to one’s ability to show more muscle and brawn while others term strength as their ability to accomplish difficult tasks. Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘Strength doesn’t come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will’. Strength is all about your experiences. Your day-to-day, or weekly experiences. Those cold and painful experiences that you sometimes wish you could forget. Yet, without those memories you wouldn’t be the ‘strong’ person you are said to be. These past months have been one of those experiences for me. Perhaps watching someone you love suffer can teach you more than suffering yourself can; and this has really helped me to learn, what I personally feel, is the true meaning behind this word.

Watching someone you love suffer is the worst thing. Not everyone will understand wanting to take someone’s pain away, until it actually happens to them. It does not only drain you, but it kills you slowly. Slowly ripping you of any life left. No appetite. No psyche. No happiness. No peace. Their suffering takes a toll on you so bad that you end up having side effects. Nothing can keep you happy but your own inner strength. Constant worry and fear and concern become your norm. Powerlessness and pain follow. You want to do everything and anything in your power to make everything okay but you cant do nothing. All you can do is sit and hope that your presence will make things better.

This is what strength means.

Strength is about believing. Believing that they will be okay. Believing that every day you go and visit them, they will listen and that ray of hope will shine on their dull faces. Believing that your efforts to make them happy once again, efforts to see them smile, efforts to see them lively will not go to waste. You will make a difference and you will see it on their face. They will show some improvement. The type of belief that they will still see the next day, and every other day for that matter.

Strength is persistence.

Strength is courage. Going to the battlefield and giving your all. Fighting even though the battle is lost anyway. Not giving up. David’s kind of courage; because this is a war you and your loved one are facing together. Just you, a sling and the little voice in your head encouraging you to go on and that you can do it, fight harder than before. Understanding that you are your own boss and you determine your own future. Going forth armed in faith. Not giving up.

Strength is resilience.

Strength is all about persevering. We all have an unsuspected reserve of strength inside that emerges when life puts us to the test. Spending sleepless nights crying yourself to sleep but every other day smiling, living like everything is okay. Feeling so weak but everyone else only sees how strong you are. Facing one day at a time, learning all you can to build your strength for the future. Falling down 6 times, but rising 7.

In the end, tough times don’t last, tough people do. Chin up.



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